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Hydro Jet Cleaning in Los Angeles Area of California

Wolf Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc., in Culver City, California, utilizes the latest technology to ensure you receive expert sewer drain cleaning for your home. Using video camera inspection, we isolate the issue and determine the quickest and most affordable solution.

Filming the Problem

Video camera inspection, one of the latest technological advances in plumbing services, pinpoints your blockage, saving your landscape while saving you time and money. You do not have to dig up your entire yard to identify the problem, instead you simply watch a television monitor.

Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service

Another advantage of our video camera inspection is Wolf Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc., currently offering a small fee to video your line when you have your mainline cleaned with the cable. The advantage of this service is we can find all the roots and manage them on your first-time cleaning. You will be saving $175 off the video charge when we complete the mainline at the same time.

Equipment for the Job

Our technicians use a handgun drain cleaner for sinks and smaller drains, and an auger for toilets. Our big machine cleans your mainline cleanout, roof vent, area drain, and patio drain. This machine's blades cut the roots, clearing the drains with ease. We clear the stoppage, and clean past the stoppage to ensure root removal. Our professional technicians offers trenchless pipe lining and pipe replacement on the property as well as in the street.

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